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At Envision Medical Sales and Service, we are a commercial equipment and supplies provider to the medical and dental markets. We specialize in small to medium size dental and orthodontic offices where affordability and automation are important. We service the West Coast of the United States including California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Call today to learn how we can reduce the costs of your practice while delivering state of the art patient solutions.

Medical And Dental Supplies Buying Tips

When it comes to buying or ordering medical products and devices online, you should be very careful in whom you trust with your transactions. It’s a good idea to transact only with accredited pharmacies and medical equipment suppliers. There are websites online that sell medical supplies that are not regulated or licensed, and may have products that are not safe to use. While the intention to sell medical equipment is good, buying from fraudulent suppliers may put you or your patient’s health at greater risk. For recommendations regarding dental equipment, visit our partner in Oregon at  http://naturalsmiles.com.

Know your source before buying. According to the Medical Device Manufacturers Association, equipment and supplies fraud is at an all time high. It’s easy to buy anything online. You can just order and the items will be shipped to your address. But how sure are you that the medical products you buy online are safe to use? Take a look at the company website of the pharmacy or medical supplier page. It should include license and more details about the supplier. Review the brand and supplier feedback. Also, look for suppliers that follow standard privacy regulations when transacting online. Unless you give consent when you buy medical supplies, your credit card, personal and medical information should be kept safe and private.

Look for CE, ISO and FDA certifications. All medical and dental products should have this. Just like many items sold in the market, there are quality standards implemented by the government or related agencies. For home and hospital supplies, the safety assurance of medical supplies is directly related to product performance. Look for ISO labels as they may indicate regulations followed in medical product design and manufacturing, storage and packaging. Even for small items like surgical masks, syringes, ortho brackets, curing light guide sleeves and other dental supplies should have CE, ISO and FDA certification approval.

Ask questions. Buying medical supplies and equipment is different from shopping shoes where you buy right away the design that you want. Bear in mind that the machine’s performance and design can affect a patient’s health. There is nothing wrong is making sure that you have the right product. Read thoroughly the technical specifications data sheet. For example in buying home hemodialysis machines, check the parameters like dialysate pressure, and flow rate. Does it have the specifications that your doctor recommends? When dealing with new brand names, consult your doctor or medical technician for advice. It’s also important to check user friendly features especially for machines used in home care. If there’s anything unclear about the product specifications, contact the supplier for data sheets or online brochure.

Check if the supplier has nearby repair services that are available 24/7. This is very important especially for medical equipment used for chronic illnesses. When it ceases to function properly, there can be serious consequences.